A short journey

through choral music:


An exciting BCS online choral course for Summer 2021


Learn & Sing in Summer 2021

Is sheet music just 'dots on a page' to you? Or are you an experienced choral singer? Whatever your ability, this series of live online presentations will bring the world of choral music to your living room.


Each session will include a chance to pose musical questions, along with (optional) online socialising and singing.

Zoom details for the choral singing course will be emailed once attendees have registered to join. The first session will commence on Wednesday 28 April 2021.  Reserve your place here

Course programme


Summer term 2021


Session 1 (28 April, 8pm)


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Why is his choral music still so popular today?

What do his most famous choral pieces sound like? What do we know about his life?


Session 2 (5 May, 8pm)


Top tips on preparing your music between rehearsals. 

Are some practice habits more fruitful than others? 


Session 3 (12 May, 8pm)


Vocal Health

How should we protect our voice when we sing, or give presentations at work? A guest ENT surgeon shares top tips.


Session 4 (19 May, 8pm)


Music from the Romantic Period 

An exploration of nineteenth century choral gems.


Session 5 (26 May, 8pm)


The choral music of Leonard Bernstein

An exploration of the life and music of this musical giant.


Session 6 (2 June, 8pm)


Vocal technique 

Guest vocal coach Michelle Jueno shares top tips on how to use your voice to its full potential.



Session 7 (9 June, 8pm)



Why have so many composers written a Requiem Mass? What are some of the characteristics of this musical form?



Session 8 (16 June, 8pm)


Male Voice Choirs of the world

What traditions do they share? What do they sound like today? 



Session 9 (23 June, 8pm)


Choral Music Today

An exploration and celebration of choral music in the present day. Why are so many people choosing to join choirs at the moment? What are the benefits of singing in a choir? 


This session will include an opportunity to sing along online, should you wish.


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