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Online Choral Singing Course

An exciting new singing evening class

 for Spring 2021


Learn & Sing in January 2021

Join us online for this series of nine live episodes that explore the history, theory and traditions of choral singing.


Illustrated with slides, videos and recordings, each presentation includes the opportunity to sing, pose questions and socialise (online) at the end of each session.

Zoom details for the choral singing course will be emailed once attendees have registered to join. Reserve your place here

Course programme


Spring term 2021


Session 1 (20 January, 8pm)


‘Northern Lights’

How has Scandinavia influenced the ‘English Choral Tradition’?  


How is our repertoire connected to the spaces we sing in? What does the ‘English Choral Tradition’ actually mean? As modern-day singers, how are we connected to the past – and the Vikings?


Session 2 (27 January, 8pm)


‘Chants, modes and sacred melodies’

Where did they originate and how should we sing them today?


What is a ‘mode’ or scale? What is plainsong? What are the origins of the sacred music sung in Church today?



Session 3 (3 February, 8pm)


“Putting music on a page”

Making sense of a page of sheet music!


When did people start writing music down? What did early musical notation look like? How should we navigate a page of choral music today?



Session 4 (10 February, 8pm)


“Renaissance music”

What is Renaissance music?


When was it written? Where did it start? How should we sing it today?



Session 5 (17 February, 8pm)


“The development of chords and harmony over the centuries”

How do chords work?


What is ‘Figured Bass’? How and why did chords develop? What do today’s musical genres have in common?



Session 6 (24 February, 8pm)


 “Singing in tune”

Unlocking the secrets of singing in tune. 


What are our roles as members of a choir? How do we ensure we are singing in tune with everyone else?



Session 7  (3 March, 8pm)


 “Baroque music”

What is Baroque music? 


When was it written? Where did it start? How should we sing it today?



Session 8 (10 March, 8pm)


 “Sight singing”

Top tips on how to improve your sight singing ability. 


Why are some singers more confident sight readers than others? How can we all develop this important skill?



Session 9 (17 March, 8pm)


 Vocal technique

Are you using your singing voice effectively? 


Director of Blackheath Centre for Singing, Joel Thomas, and a guest vocal coach discuss the challenges we face as singers – and share top tips on how to use your voice to its full potential.


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